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Who Is Single Relations?

The platform for Singles

Single Relations is a community that strives to make singles happy. We want to contribute to singles having an active social life that has content, value and makes sense. Single Relations breaks down loneliness and brings singles together around shared activities and experiences.

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The platform for Singles

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We solved these problems:

From Singles to Singles:


“When I do not have my kids,
everything just becomes quite, like
empty, then you start wondering is
this it?”

From Singles to Singles:


“It is hard to meet in reality, it is all
about swiping”


“Somtimes when the weekend 
comes I would just like
to go out and have some fun, but all
my friends are with their partner”


“If you could make a place for all
singles, that was easy to use, where
you could be social around activities
that would be great!”


“I have been alone many times in
my holiday, It would be nice to
arrance a vaction with other singles
and have a good time”


“I could be fun to be albe to bring
kids to and activity, and meet with
other singles in same situation”


“I would just like to have a few new
friends, where we could meet make
some food an go into town or
see a movie ”


“When I was in school it felt much
easier to find a partner, as you meet
a lot of people. Now it is just a
struggle, its like work and then,
weekend, and then what to do?”


“I would like there was a local single
group in my area where we went out
to have dinner once in a while”

Are you a single looking for friends, love, and happiness? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Single Relations is a community that strives to make singles happy. We offer a variety of features to help you connect with other singles, including:


    • Activities and events: We regularly host activities and events for singles, so you can meet new people and have fun.
    • Messaging and chat: You can use our messaging and chat features to connect with other singles one-on-one.
    • Groups and forums: We have a variety of groups and forums where you can discuss common interests with other singles.