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Alone on Christmas? – We will guide you

How to be alone on Christmas

When -ber months come around, people would usually start to bustle with life and excitement in anticipation for Christmas. They would often be making lists of presents to buy or keeping mental notes of which presents to bring for their loved ones. They might even be dreaming up what to cook for Christmas, where to celebrate, and who to invite. It’s a plethora of all things – everyone wants a great memory to remember.


The difficult months

However, for some, Christmas isn’t the holiday you’d think it is. It isn’t jingling bells, the laughter of a close crowd, or twinkling fairy lights. For some, it’s their most dreaded day of the year – a day where they spend it alone, only filled with the mere longing of company and no gifts to exchange with. All hopes are spent looking by the sidelines, watching couples go on dates, or families take vacations while they spend their time missing their parents’ home-baked mac n’ cheese, or the thrill of decorating the Christmas tree with their siblings or spouses.


Are you alone on Christmas?

If you consider yourself one of those people, well, you are not alone. Some people also celebrate it solo for the reason that they are bombarded with busy work schedules, are studying in a city away from their families, or just couldn’t make it back in time to their home countries to celebrate Christmas with their relatives.


Lighten Up

But it doesn’t have to sound that gloomy. As the popular saying goes, just because you’re spending it alone, doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Here’s the thing most people might not know – even by yourself, you can make your Christmas celebration merry. There are a lot of fun things to do even if you spend Christmas away from your loved ones. You don’t need to have the most grandiose celebrations to enjoy the holiday – you get to decide how you want to remember and treasure the Christmas season.


Think of it this way: for Christmas, you are your own Santa, and you have the sole call with which wishes you want to grant for yourself. Doesn’t sound as bad now, doesn’t it? Only pair these things up with good company, then everything would be beyond perfect.


But what if it’s possible to spend the holidays with other people who are experiencing the same thing?


Not to worry, Single Relations have devised an app and platform mainly aimed to make people like you happier during the Christmas season – the “Christmas We Meet group”. With this, you get to make your Christmases a tad merrier by meeting with same-age single people within your area, and even organize Christmas get-togethers! You get to make acquaintances, and you’d also have people to spend it with, too. It’s also very easy to make a group, so you don’t have to worry about that one.

With this, here are some of the fun things that you could plan for yourselves as soon as Christmas goes around!



Watch reruns of your favorite show – or binge a new one! Even though held indoors, nothing says self-care more than treating yourselves to a Netflix binge-watch of your comfort movies or great series. It could be films you haven’t seen in a while now or a movie you never get tired of replaying over and over again. You can also choose the ones that you’ve been itching to watch for a while now, but could never do because of your tight schedule. For extra enjoyment, you might want to choose a horror movie – see which of your newfound friends have the loudest shrieks, or those who are certified scaredy-cats. Whatever it is, give yourself the pleasure of being coaxed into good cinematography and visual art. Put on your cute socks, order yourself some pizza and wear anything comfy too while you’re at it. Take cool pictures too!



Since Christmas is a time for enjoyment, you can also organize karaoke parties – indoors or outdoors – it’s your call. Sing your favorite songs and sing your heart out. Bask in a music party, regardless of whether your singing voices get rambunctious and loud, as long as you’re entertained. Maybe even dance or jive a little. Make this one a memory you should never dare to forget.



Don’t let anything stop you from wearing fashionable clothes, especially during the holidays. Maybe put on your best dresses, costumes, or even cosplay a bit, even if you plan on having get-togethers indoors. Pamper yourselves or get all artsy with your outfit and make-ups, too. In other cases, you can also dare yourselves to style one another with only the available clothes or fabric in your wardrobe. Silly or not, take cute photos of every moment, and days from now, you’d probably find yourself giggling at all the insta-worthy photos you took.



Make Christmas extra fun by playing games with the people you’re meeting. Even from the most common game of Truth or Dare, you can spice it up by adding heavy consequences. On top of that, you would also get to know more about the people. You can also play Charades, the Mafia Game, or any other game you could possibly think of! Know that it doesn’t have to be played by the traditional rules – with enough imagination, you can tweak the challenges any way you want. Amp up the adrenaline!



If you feel like you’re in the mood to get all artsy for Christmas, you could make creative wreaths for your new friends. With this, it could give the same vibe as the traditional exchanging of presents. Decorate your hand-made wreath with personal touches that show hints of your personality, and gift them to the members of your group so they could have something to hang on their front doors, and most importantly, a sentiment to cherish for the rest of their lives.



Give back to others by organizing a charity project with your friends through simple acts of kindness. Put up donation drives, or organize a feeding program, especially to those who don’t have enough to get by during the Christmas season. Nothing feels more fulfilling than seeing others smile with gratitude. Keep the Christmas spirit alive by spreading cheer and hope, and extending your help to those who are underprivileged as much as you can. Not only does this make for a great, and memorable moment to remember, it also makes for a productive activity that will be treasured by those whom you have helped, too.

The aforementioned are only some of the activities you could organize in your Christmas get-togethers; in fact, there are plenty more things you might be able to think of that could add to the list.


If you feel like being alone

However, if by any rate, you don’t feel like meeting up with people, perhaps because of social anxiety (which is totally understandable, by the way) there are still a lot of enjoyable things you could do to make your Christmas a merry one. Here are some of them:


Even for those who might not consider themselves an avid readers, you would find that reading a book proves to be a great form of escapism. With different genres, plotlines, and stories to choose from, you’d find yourself immersed in a world not entirely your own, living in the minds of characters both similar and different from you at the same time.

In case you don’t have physical books to read for this matter ( in case you weren’t able to plan), know that eBooks can be a great alternative. Just download a reading app (Kindle, for example) and try out a best-selling book you think you might enjoy.

Using the app made by Singles Relation, you could recommend books you love to people of your age within your area and also get recommended books in return! Afterwards, you could give each other updates or your thoughts about certain chapters, and even gush over characters of the books you’ve read. With this, you get to have good company while still feeling comfortable in your own personal space.

Sit back and let loose. And let your imagination run wild!


With the abundance and constant innovation of apps like Zoom, you could also find it convenient and fun to organize a Zoom party with your friends. Jam-along to a playlist you’ve all curated, perhaps even toast or share cheerful chatter through the screen. Regardless of what it is, Christmas is best shared with a great company — even if it’s only through virtual means.


One way to make your Christmas feel not so lonely is by playing an online game with them. There have been lots of online games that are being developed lately (Mobile Legends, Animal Crossing, Call of Duty — to name a few) and it also could be a great way to relax and have fun! Connecting with others through online games can make the holiday season even more enjoyable, despite being alone

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Want friends love and happines?

Hey, we’re Single Relations. We’re determined to make all singles happy. Our only
question is, will you join us?