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Can You Be Friends With Your Ex? Here’s What The Experts Say

friends with your ex

The breakup is tough to get over, but it might be worth it if you’re willing to work at it. Here’s what the experts have to say on this topic and how they suggest you go about making that friendship happen.

What is the definition of friend?

A friend is someone who you like and respect, and who likes and respects you. They’re someone you can trust and rely on, whether you’re going through good times or bad. A friend is someone you can be yourself around, without feeling judged or misunderstood.

In a romantic relationship, friends are often the first people we turn to when things are going well or when they’re going badly. But what happens when the relationship ends? Can you still be friends with your ex?

The answer, according to the experts, is yes – but it takes work. “It’s definitely possible to stay friends with an ex,” says Dr. Jennice Vilhauer, author of Think Forward to Thrive: How to Use the Mind’s Power of Anticipation to Transcend Your Past and Transform Your Life. “However, it won’t happen automatically just because you want it to.”

There are a few things you need to do in order to make sure that staying friends with your ex is something that will work for both of you:

1. Be honest about why you want to stay friends. This means being honest with yourself as well as your ex. If you’re hoping that staying friends will eventually lead to getting back together, then you need to be honest about that with your ex. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment – and potentially more heartache down the road.

2. Give each other space. After a breakup.

Why can’t we be friends with our ex?

It’s no secret that breakups are tough. Whether it was a mutual decision or not, it’s natural to feel at least some level of sadness, anger, and betrayal when things end. But what about when you still want to be friends with your ex? Can you really stay friends after all that has happened?

According to the experts, it’s possible, but there are some challenges you’ll need to overcome first. For one thing, it’s important to give yourself some time to grieve and process the breakup before trying to be friends with your ex. You also need to be honest with yourself about why you want to be friends and whether or not you’re truly ready to let go of any romantic feelings. Otherwise, you might just end up getting hurt again.

If you’re confident that being friends is the right move for both of you, then there are some ways to make it work. First, don’t try to force things – take things slow and let your friendship develop naturally. Secondly, don’t forget about the boundaries you need to set in order to protect yourself emotionally. Finally, remember that it’s okay if things change over time – as long as you’re both honest with each other about where you stand, then you can adjust your friendship accordingly.

The Problems of Being Friends With Your Ex

It’s no secret that being friends with your ex can be a difficult and daunting task. There are a number of problems that can arise when you’re trying to remain friends with someone you used to date. Here are some of the most common problems that experts say can come up:

1. You May Not Be Over Them: One of the biggest problems with remaining friends with your ex is that you may not be over them yet. This can lead to a lot of pain and heartache, as you’ll be constantly reminded of what you once had together. If you’re not ready to be friends with them yet, it’s important to take some time for yourself first and focus on healing.

2. They Might Not Be Over You Either: Just as you may not be over them, they might not be over you either. This can lead to awkwardness and tension between the two of you, as well as a feeling like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around each other. If they’re not ready to be friends yet, it might be best to give each other some space until things have cooled down a bit.

3. Resentment Can Build Up: Another problem that can occur when trying to remain friends with your ex is that resentment can start to build up over time. This is especially true if one person moves on before the other or if there’s still unresolved feelings between the two of you. The resentment can cause arguments and conflicts.

How to Make being Friends With Your Ex Work

“It’s possible to be friends with your ex, but it’s not always easy. Here are some tips from the experts on how to make it work:

1. Don’t try to be friends right away. Give yourself some time to grieve the loss of the relationship and get over the initial hurt.

2. Don’t try to stay in touch with your ex all the time. Allow yourselves some space and distance.

3. When you do talk, focus on positive things and avoid dwelling on the past.

4. Try to do things together that you both enjoy. This can help create new shared memories and experiences.

5. Be honest with each other about your feelings and expectations for the friendship.”


Ultimately, whether or not you can be friends with your ex is a decision that only you can make. However, it’s important to consider what the experts say before making any decisions. If you’re feeling lost and need some guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend or therapist for support.

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